Cookie Use Policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are files that uses to store information on your computer or mobile device that you used to visit our platform. Thanks to these small files, the site recognizes, identifies, and authorizes you as its user. The main purpose of the cookies we use is to improve the functionality of the site so that it is convenient for you to use.

Cookies can be installed on the computer, phone, tablet, or any other device that the user uses and through which he/she accesses the platform. They are designed to record the user's activity during each session in which the user accesses the current web page. The use of cookies allows the server to recognize the browser used by the user, giving the registered user, for example, access to the areas and services used on the site, without the user having to register each time he visits. Cookies are also used to measure audience and traffic parameters by tracking progress and the number of records.

What kind of cookies do we use and what do we use them for?

  • Functional cookies - are intended to ensure the proper functioning of the website and the preservation of information about the visitor. You do not have to constantly enter your information on the site through them.
  • Analytics cookies - collect data on where visitors to the site come from, which pages are most visited, and whether all pages work. These cookies are used to monitor the performance of our website. They do not contain identifying information about the user, the data is anonymous and is used only to improve the performance of our site.
  • Marketing cookies - collect data on the behaviour of users in relation to individual sites, aiming to achieve personal advertising positioning for the user, based on marketing cookies and visualization of ads that are attractive to the user.
  • Analytics cookies - Used to optimize the website and user experience. Through them, we receive information about the use of our website. We want permission to collect this type of cookie.

Personal data

Please note that the cookies used by BlackSeaChain are not intended to establish your identity and do not store your personal data. The cookies we specify are used only for the purposes specified in this policy.

For optimal operation of the site, we also use cookies from third parties, as BlackSeaChain is not responsible for the way in which the latter collect, process, and store information. If you continue to use the site, you agree to our cookie policy, in case you wish you can change the setting of your browser regarding cookies or leave our site.

You should keep in mind that when using cookies from our partners' websites, your relationship with them is governed by their own privacy and cookie policies.

BlackSeaChain uses Google Analytics. The full Google Analytics cookie specification is available at: Analytics cookie usage.

Ban on the use of cookies

Please note that when using software to access the site of BlackSeaChain (via browser), the default browser allows the use of cookies. Any user may restrict the use of cookies, but you should be aware that this may violate or make it impossible to use certain features of

If you wish to deactivate or delete the cookies used, more information can be found in the links below: